Butcherette is a woman-owned and operated butcher shop & eatery serving time-honored tradition — at our table or yours. Committed to reviving a community that takes pride in hard work and quality ingredients. They aim to reconnect people with food and with each other.

Concept Development
Produced as part of the Type Directors Club Restaurant Branding course, Butcherette is a retail/restaurant concept created entirely by Agentsie. With women at the forefront, the destination would aim to be a neighborhood fixture -- offering the community a selection of humanely butchered meats, artisan products, simple meals and a nod to simpler times. 

Logo Design
A bold mark with a slightly feminine flourish was the goal in  designing the mark for Butcherette. Bold graphic applications set almost uncomfortably close to the edge of each application

Mission Statement Development
Menu Design
Stationary Design
Print Collateral Design

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