Training in graphic arts, accompanied by years working with some of the country’s top restaurants and chefs, brings a unique perspective to Agentsie projects. We deliver attractive, sustainable and carefully considered solutions that are mindful of operational and budgetary constraints common among food industry clients.


B R A N D    C O M M U N I C A T I O N S  

Whether you are just starting out, looking to tighten up the look and feel of a single established brand or planning to expand your growing culinary concept to multiple locations, we can help frame where you are, where you would like to be and establish the best way to communicate your intentions to new and existing audiences alike.

Secret Shopping, Quality Reporting + Critical Feedback
Brand Assessment/Positioning
Competitive Analysis
Brainstorming Sessions
Name Generation

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G R A P H I C   D E S I G N  (project or retainer-based services available)

Communications should be on-brand from the time guests enter your front door to the moment they pay the check. We provide elegant visual solutions designed specifically for restaurants with operational insights allowing for easy implementation and ongoing in-house maintenance. 

Logo Design/Brand Identity & Guidelines
Environmental Design/Signage
Menu & Wine List Layouts
Tableware & Menu/Wine List Cover Sourcing
Promotional Collateral including Event Invitations, Postcards, Print & Digital Advertising


M A R K E T I N G    S U P P O R T  +  C R E A T I V E   D I R E C T I O N 

Working with a PR firm or have restaurant clients of your own? We can assist in the production of brand appropriate special projects in both digital and print mediums - with our extensive network of culinary-minded creative professionals or with your trusted vendors.

Photo & Video Shoot Styling & Art Direction
Marketing & Advertising Strategy Development
Special Event Planning & Execution
Email Campaign Copy Writing & Design

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W E B   +  S O C I A L   M E D I A  S U P P O R T

In this age of technology potential guests are armed with an impression of your business well before joining you in person. Allow us to help you get ahead of the game by crafting & sending on-brand digital communications on your behalf, or establishing a program to manage in-house.

Website Development & Art Direction - platforms include Square Space, BentoBox, and more.
Social Media Account Set-Up & Team Training
Social Media Audits & Content Creation
Guest Engagement & Online Reputation Monitoring