Aiming to take the intimidation out of food and cooking, through videos and recipes, Potluck with Ali is the online companion to the Emmy-nominated TV show, “Potluck Video.” 

Logo Design
Ahead of the release of her first cookbook, "Bring It!," Potluck Video host Ali Rosen tapped Agentsie to help revise her existing logo to eliminate a singular reference to video - allowing for a wider range of media applications more reflective of the growth and diversification of her brand.

Use of a playful font and existing artichoke icon kept the approachable, familiar aspects of the original mark while allowing for more seamless inclusion on projects across a variety of media channels.

Website Design
In addition to a new logo, a forward-looking website was designed to create a home for sharing not just video but blog posts, recipes, book promotion, TV appearances, press and more.